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Mahjong is an ancient Chinese puzzle which if believing in legends have been contrived by philosopher Confucius. It is impossible to say exactly how this game appeared but it is for certain known to have been widespread on the territory of Asia during very short period of time. There are Japan and Hong Kong mahjongs which have their peculiarities.



For the time being mahjong solitaire, which differs essentially from classical table game is considered to be the most popular variety of the game. First, mahjong solitaire is the game for one person and it is played out following simple, for everyone understandable rules like in the Internet black jack. The standard set of mahjong dice is put together in the form of pyramid. The main point of the game consists in the same unclosed elements being taken away in turn, one can play solitaire out. The open backs are called those ones which are not barred with the next staying elements at least on one side.

Despite of seeming easiness of the rules, mahjong solitaire can not be called an easy game. It should happen that in consequence of wrong leads, the combination can not play out and one should make a new playing.

Now computer version of mahjong solitaire is also available to you. You can simply download mahjong and install the game at your computer. You should mark with the mouse the backs looking in your opinion the same and afterwards they will be deleted from the game field. The opportunity to repeat the same playing anew in the case of failure is considered to be an advantage of a virtual game.

Also you can play at mahjong online which does not require any loading and installation. You just press button and start the game. Play at mahjong solitaire sitting in front of the monitor at any time suitable for you!

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The rules of mahjong game and mahjong solitaire differ greatly. Mahjong is the game for 4 persons and mahjong solitaire is only for 1.

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