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As many popular games Mahjong has a lot of varieties which differ generally according to the way of laying out the backs. In the version we are offering, you will find such games as Feng Shui Mahjong, Stone-Jong, Caribbean MahJong, Mahjong Match, Mahjong solitaire, Mahjong Arthefacts and many others.

Download Mahjong


The rules of mahjong solitaire are standard and the level of complexity depends on how densely the elements of the game are composed. The more tiles opened at the beginning, the more simple the variant is. The standard set of backs is used for every game and the picture presented on them has its own definite meaning.

You can easy download mahjong solitaire. The loading file has 14 MB, and the installation process does not take much time. You will have the opportunity to play any games` combinations you like and to select majong`s varieties. The main point of the game is to play an existing combination so that no back would stay. You are selecting the tiles with the same picture, marking them with the mouse and after this they will be removed from game field. When your possible leads come to the end, the system will make a signal and if you don't know which lead you would like to make the next, you can use the prompts. During the game the combination can happen not to play out, and then you can repeat this playing or choose another one.

Mahjong online is considered to be one of the most suitable versions which does not require any downloading. This enthralling game is always at your disposal. You just come following the reference and the playing is downloading in your browser. This is easy and comfortable. Play mahjong solitaire and enjoy ancient Chinese puzzle!

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The history of card and dominoes games in China can be traced quiet far off, but the mahjong known to us, appeared only at the end of 19th century. Its ancestor could be called cart game under the name "Ma-Tiao".

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