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Mahjong online is the virtual analogue of the puzzle known to the most people. This game is a standard one which will make you distract all your affairs. The game helps not only to spend the time with pleasure but it develops attention, logical thinking and observation.

The rules of the game are as follows: the backs with the pictures representing pyramid have already been laid out on the field. On taking away two equal tiles which are not barred with the other elements, you should play the whole pyramid out. The complexity of such a puzzle depends on represented playing. Online game is available to all registered and unregistered users. You just come following the reference and get a new playing of the puzzle mahjong. Everything is simple and no particular knowledge is required.

For solving mahjong one can spend from several minutes to several hours. Everything depends on player`s skills, complexity of combination and kind of playing. The controls of the game realized with the right button of the mouse. You are marking paired backs with the same picture and they are being deleted from the field automatically. If the lead you chose is not available or if the game has no further possible actions, you will be informed by the system. If mahjong solitaire was not played out, you can choose another playing or repeat the same variant.

There are several varieties of mahjong solitaire which will be available to you. Select the variant you like and play. If you want your favourite game to be always at your disposal, you can simply download mahjong and install it at your computer. The game is supported by most operational systems and you will have no problems while installing it.

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The history of card and dominoes games in China can be traced quiet far off, but the mahjong known to us, appeared only at the end of 19th century. Its ancestor could be called cart game under the name "Ma-Tiao".

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